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MCVEY is a high-tech enterprise specializing in microwave technology development, equipment manufacturing, and microwave energy application equipment sales.In 2006, MCVEY set up a microwave energy R&D team to bring together many experts and scholars in the field of microwave energy in China, as well as multidisciplinary application technology experts and senior engineers.We have made significant achievements in the integration of microwave application systems. Through various partnerships at all levels of government and partner institutions, we have obtained several a number of patents in related technical fields and application terminals.


MCVEY 915MHz Microwave source

MCVEY-Microwave source is mainly used for large-scale projects. It can be used in heating, thawing, sterilization, drying, sewage treatment, ore desulfurization, ceramic sintering, metallurgy, rubber vulcanization and other fields.It has the characteristics of high efficiency, cleanliness, environmental protection and requires minimal maintenance. Meanwhile, it can be controlled locally using a touch panel, or can be configured in a wired manner.

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Provide industry-leading microwave system solutions.

MCVEY 915MHz Magnetron

The MCVEY- The magnetron is an electrical vacuum device used to generate microwave energy. Essentially a diode is placed in a constant magnetic field. Under the control of a constant magnetic and electric field perpendicular to each other, the electrons in the tube interact with the high-frequency electromagnetic field to convert the energy obtained from the constant electric field into microwave energy, thereby achieving the purpose of generating microwave energy.

75kW 100kW

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