Jiangsu Mcvey Microwave Technology Co.,Ltd

MCVEY is a high-tech enterprise specializing in microwave technology development, equipment manufacturing, and microwave energy application equipment sales.In 2006, MCVEY set up a microwave energy R&D team to bring together many experts and scholars in the field of microwave energy in China, as well as multidisciplinary application technology experts and senior engineers.We have made significant achievements in the integration of microwave application systems. Through various partnerships at all levels of government and partner institutions, we have obtained several a number of patents in related technical fields and application terminals.

Based on the initial intention of “environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency”, we are committed to the research , development, and Promotion of industrial microwave technology applications. We have unique advantages in the industry of continuous wave magnetrons, specialized microwave source development, microwave cavity design, and system integration,We have sophisticated technology in the fields of microwave drying, extraction, biomass pyrolysis, and thawing. In order to provide customers with a full range of environmental protection and energy saving solutions. we offer develops customized systems for group customers, such as: microwave grain drying (paddy, corn), microwave wood drying, and microwave thawing (meat, seafood).

There is a existing 80 square meters constant temperature and humidity laboratory in our company for the experiment and development of some special materials and microwave application equipment. The newly introduced German electromagnetic simulation software and the establishment of microwave energy simulation application workstation realizing a set of research and development mechanism from theory to simulation to industrial application to ensure the advanced and stable equipment.

The company has 75 kW /100 kW 915MHz test system, 2450MHz test system, 2450MHz microwave measurement system, scalar network analyzer, microwave power meter and other advanced equipment, which can be used for microwave energy application experiments in food, chemical, environmental protection, materials and other industries, effectively ensuring the development and application of microwave application equipment. At present,We has applied for 12 patents through technology accumulation, including 7 invention patents (3 entries for publication and actual review), 4 new patents (3 authorizations), and 1 appearance patent (authorization).