The MCVEY- The magnetron is an electrical vacuum device used to generate microwave energy. Essentially a diode is placed in a constant magnetic field. Under the control of a constant magnetic and electric field perpendicular to each other, the electrons in the tube interact with the high-frequency electromagnetic field to convert the energy obtained from the constant electric field into microwave energy, thereby achieving the purpose of generating microwave energy.

  • 915MHz
  • CW Power Output-100kW
  • 90% effciency,typical
  • Water-cooled anode
  • Coaxial launch into WR-975
  • External electromagnet

Frequency of operation(fixed) 915MHz 915MHz
Frequency variation +/-10MHz +/-5MHz
CW Power output 100kW 100kW
Anode Voltage 20.5kV Max 19.2kV
Anode Current 6.0A Max 5.9A
Efficiency 85% 90%
Filament Voltage(standby) 12.6V AC 12.0V
Filament Cyrrent 115A 112A
Filament Cyrrent(operational@100kW) See filament current Backdown schedule 68A
Electromagnet Current 5A Min 3.5A
Load VSWR,maximum 1.1:1Max(circulator required)
RF launch type Coaxial,into WR-975
Water Flow(anode),minimum 20L/min
Air Flow(cathode),minimum 142L/min
Air Flow(dome),minimum 1133L/min
Weight 7KG