M75k-1 with 915MHZ/75kW CW microwave generator uses world-leading class,advanced german technology. It equiped with comlete detecting and control system to ensure stable operating condition and it is able to operate in different loads of environment. The power output is continuously adjustable; It designed with a sealed-stainless steel cabinet structure, the separation of the high and low voltage, the system separates the high voltage and low voltage, water and electricity . the system has a good reputation by our client with its reliability and security.

The M75k-1 microwave generator is matching for large-scale microwave application projects such as food heating, thawing, sterilization, drying, sewage treatment, ore desulphurization, ceramic sintering, metallurgy, rubber vulcanization, etc. It has the character of high efficiency, cleanliness and environmental protection. It only requires minimum maintenance. It can operates either via smart touch-screen panel , or configure control by wired mode.control by wired mode.

Main Functions

  • Detection function
  • The detection function can detect the working parameters and state of each part of the machine in real time, and the interface is intuitive and concise. Display content includes: forward power, reflected power, anode voltage, anode current, filament voltage, filament current, electromagnet current, cooling water inlet/outlet temperature, cooling water flow rate, fault type, etc.

  • Protection function
  • The protection function has comprehensive and accurate and effective means of protection, including magnetic control over flow protection, cooling system protection, interlock protection, high voltage protection, arc protection, emergency stop, etc.

  • Configuration control function
  • The configuration control function USES configuration software, which can monitor and power the microwave source through the TCP MODBUS interface, and can read the working state of the micro-wave source and display it on the console.

Frequency 915MHz±3MHz(@75kW) 915MHz±10MHz(≥20kW)
Output Power A) Power Rating: 75KW, B) 10kW-75kW continuously adjustable, power step into 1kW
Load suitability Reflective power≤20kW can normal operation
Power supply AC 380V±5%, 50Hz±3Hz,three phase ,without neutral.
Power consumption ≤100kVA
Power factor ≥0.96
Internal cooling requirements distilled water
Tank volume 20L
External cooling requirements inlet temperature 16℃ ~ 20℃
The water flow ≥60L/min
Size 2040x1500x1210 (high * width * depth unit: mm)
Weight ≤1700kg

A) Waveguide interface:BJ9/R9/WR975

B) Flange interface: FDP9/UDR9/UDR975

C) Network interface: RJ45

D) Interlocking control interface: YLH18S1208S-K

E) Cooling water interface: 3CA82-28-16C

Environmental requirements

A) Operating temperature: 5℃ ~ +45℃

B) Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ +55℃

C) Relative humidity: 20%~ 80% [no condensation]


A) Follow the following European CE certification standards EN 61010-1: 2001, EN 55011: 1998+A1: 1999+A2:2002, EN 60204-1: 1998, EN 60204-11: 2001.

B) With microwave interlock device, it's to prevent accidental radiation by microwave door is not closed.

C) With high voltage interlock device, it's to prevent the damage of high voltage transformer, high voltage rectifier without isolation caused.

D)Microwave leakage limit: under normal operating conditions, any easy access position of distance is ≥5cm from any part of it ,the leakage of microwave power density is ≤1mW/cm2.