M3-A-75KW微波解冻机M3-A-75KW Microwave Thawing Machinex

设备简介 Equipment Introduction





The M3-A microwave thawing equipment adopts one 915Mhz/100KW switch type stabilized microwave power supply.

Production: 2-3 tons/hour, frozen product temperature increased from -18 ℃ to -3 ℃ (average temperature).

The microwave thawing machine consists of a thawing main chamber, inlet and outlet suppressors, electrical control box, chain network motor, transmission chain network, rotating antenna, and other parts.

The thawing main chamber is made of 304 stainless steel, and the transmission chain network is made of imported PP (polypropylene) material, which meets the safety standards of the food industry.



The frozen meat material enters from the feeding rack and is thawed in the main thawing chamber. The microwave antenna emits microwave radiation to the material, which is absorbed by the material through multiple reflections in the chamber.

MCVEY adopts a rotating microwave antenna system imported from Germany, which evenly distributes the microwave field in the cavity through the variable speed rotation of the antenna, ensuring the uniformity and efficiency of thawed materials.


Each M3-A microwave thawing equipment requires one M100KW magnetron, MCVEY’s advanced 100KW magnetron technology provides a stable core for the entire microwave system, with excellent long-term cost advantages.

主要功能 Major Function







1) Customized formula function: Based on different thawed materials, set corresponding thawing parameters. Workers only need to select the type of material and perform one click operation to start the equipment

2) Emergency stop function: The equipment is equipped with a yellow emergency stop button on the material inlet and outlet and control cabinet. When the equipment runs abnormally, the emergency stop can be pressed to ensure safe production

3) Visual operation: Both the feed and discharge control boxes are equipped with a 10 inch touch screen, which dynamically displays the material position, parameters, status, and fault information in an intuitive way

4) Remote monitoring function: equipped with the function of using Ethernet interface for monitoring; It has the function of remote monitoring using the Internet or mobile communication network (optional)

5) Dehumidification function: The chamber is equipped with a waterproof fan, which can quickly extract water vapor from the chamber to the outside of the chamber

6) Automatic chain net cleaning device: use spray and high-pressure gas for cleaning, to achieve food safety automation, without manual cleaning