MC-75KW磁控管 MC-75KW Magnetron

基本参数 Basic parameters

特性 (Characteristic)规范要求 (Regulatory requirements)典型工作状态 (Typical working conditions)
固定工作频率 (Fixed operating frequency)915MHz915MHz
频率偏差 (Frequency deviation)+/-10MHz+/-5MHz
输出功率 (Output power)75kW75kW
阳极电压 (Anode voltage)18kV17kV
阳极电流 (Anode current)5.0A5.0A
效率 (Efficiency)83%88%
灯丝电压(预热) [Filament voltage (preheating)]12.6V12.0V
灯丝电流 (Filament Current)115A112A(参考灯丝电流下降曲线)
112A(Reference filament current drop curve)
负载驻波比(最大) [Load standing wave ratio (maximum)]1.15:1(要求使用环形器)(requires the use of a ring-shaped device)
输出方式 (Output)同轴波导(WR-975)
[Coaxial waveguide (WR-975)]
冷却 (Burial)
阳极水冷(最小) [Anode water cooling (minimum)]11.35L/min
阴极风冷(最小)[Cathode air cooling (minimum)]142L/min
输出窗风冷(最小)[Output window air cooling (minimum)]1133L/min
重量(最大) [Weight (maximum)]7kg

产品外形图 Product Outline Drawing

灯丝电流下降曲线 Filament current drop curve