MP-100KW微波源 MP-100KW Microwave Source

基本参数 Basic parameters

915MHz M100SF-1型微波源
915MHz M100SF-1 microwave source




The M100SF-1 915MHz/100kW continuous wave microwave generator adopts German technology and is internationally advanced; Equipped with comprehensive detection and control, ensuring normal operation and automatic protection in various load environments; Continuous adjustable output power; Stainless steel enclosed box structure, high and low pressure separation, water and electricity separation, ensuring safe and reliable equipment.

The M100SF-1 microwave generator is mainly used in large-scale microwave engineering, and can be used for food heating, thawing, sterilization, drying, sewage treatment, ore desulfurization, ceramic sintering, metallurgy, rubber vulcanization and other fields. It is efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly, requiring minimal maintenance. It can be controlled locally using a touch panel or configured through wired methods.

The M100SF-1 and M75K-1/M100K-1 models have the same functions and usage range, but with a non sealed structure, the microwave head is easier to place next to the heating equipment, the electrical control cabinet can be placed nearby, the distance can be opened, the layout is more convenient, and the cost-effectiveness is higher.

详情 Details

主要功能 Major Function

检测功能 Detection function
能够实时检测机内各部分的工作参数与状态,界面直观、简洁。显示内容包括:正向功率、 反射功率、阳极电压、阳极电流、灯丝电压、灯丝电流、电磁铁电流、冷却水进/出水温度、 冷却水流量、故障类型等。
It can detect the working parameters and status of various parts inside the machine in real-time, with an intuitive and concise interface. The display content includes: forward power, reflected power, anode voltage, anode current, filament voltage, filament current, electromagnetic current, cooling water inlet/outlet temperature, cooling water flow rate, fault type, etc.

保护功能 Protection function
具有功能全面、准确有效的保护手段,包括磁控管过流保护、冷却系统保护、互锁保护、 高压保护、弧光保护、紧急停机等。
Equipped with comprehensive, accurate and effective protection methods, including magnetron overcurrent protection, cooling system protection, interlock protection, high voltage protection, arc protection, emergency shutdown, etc.

组态控制功能 Configuration control function
使用组态软件,能通过TCP MODBUS接口对微波源进行参数监测与功率设置,能读取微 波源的工作状态,并在控制台上显示。
By using configuration software, it is possible to monitor the parameters and set the power of the microwave source through the TCP MODBUS interface, read the working status of the microwave source, and display it on the console.

工作频率Operating Frequency915MHz±3MHz(@100kW)915MHz±10MHz(≥20kW)
Output Power
a)额定功率(Rated Power):100kWb)10kW~100kW连续可调,功率步进1kW(10kW~100kW continuously adjustable, with a power step of 1kW)
Load adaptability
反射功率≤25kW能正常工作(Reflective power ≤ 25kW can work normally)
Power Supply
三相交流380V±5%,50Hz±3Hz(Three phase AC 380V ± 5%, 50Hz ± 3Hz)
功率因数Power factor≥0.96
b) 法兰接口:FDP9
c) 网络接口:RJ45
d) 互锁/控制接口:YLH18S1208S-K
e) 冷却水接口:3CA82-28-16C,内径 25mm 软管
a) Waveguide interface: BJ9
b) Flange interface: FDP9
c) Network interface: RJ45
d) Interlocking/control interface: YLH18S1208S-K
e) Cooling water interface: 3CA82-28-16C, inner diameter 25mm hose
环境要求Environmental requirementsa) 工作温度:5℃~+45℃
b) 贮存温度:-20℃~+55℃
c) 相对湿度:20%~80%(无凝结)
a) Working temperature: 5 ℃~+45 ℃
b) Storage temperature: -20 ℃~+55 ℃
c) Relative humidity: 20% to 80% (without condensation)
内部冷却要求Internal cooling requirements蒸馏水(Distilled water)
Water tank capacity
外部冷却要求External cooling requirements进水温度18℃~22℃(Inlet water temperature 18 ℃~22 ℃)
Inlet water flow
a) 遵循以下欧洲 CE 认证标准 EN 61010-1:2001,EN 55011:1998+A1:1999+A2:2002,EN 60204-1:1998,EN 60204-11:2001。
b) 有微波联锁装置,实现联锁控制功能,以防止微波头门未关闭而产生的意外辐射。
c) 有高压联锁装置,实现联锁控制功能,防止高压变压器、整流桥堆未隔离而产生的高压伤害。
d) 微波泄漏限值:正常运行状态下,距其任何部位的距离≥5 ㎝处的任何易接近处,微波泄漏功率密度≤2mW/cm2 。
a) Following the European CE certification standard EN 61010-1:2001, EN 55011:1998+A1:1999+A2:2002,EN 60204-1:1998,EN 60204-11:2001。
b) There is a microwave interlocking device to achieve interlocking control function, in order to prevent accidental radiation caused by the microwave head door not being closed.
c) There is a high-voltage interlocking device to achieve interlocking control function and prevent high-voltage damage caused by the lack of isolation of high-voltage transformers and rectifier bridge stacks.
d) Microwave leakage limit: Under normal operating conditions, at any easily accessible point at a distance of ≥ 5 cm from any part, the microwave leakage power density is ≤ 2mW/cm2.

Output waveguide interface

Composition and Principle Block Diagram